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Define infrastructure-as-code so that your test, staging, and production environments have the same configuration where it counts and differences are clear. Easily spin up new environments on demand and dynamically scale existing environments according to current load.

Test Automation

Reduce bugs by running automated tests on each pull request and prevent regressions from being merged back into your application. Free up development resources by running unit, functional, integration, UI, and load tests on dedicated CI/CD servers.

Insights and Monitoring

Get an overview of the current state of your environments, and be alerted when infrastructure issues or application errors occur. Easily cross-reference application errors with any changes to infrastructure, code, and external services.

Why Automate?

Flexible Environments

Know that your environments are configured correctly, and easily rebuild or migrate them if new infrastructure is required.

Deploy Faster

CI/CD and automated tests enable fast feedback and allow teams to deploy software quicker and with fewer bugs. An example of test automation being used to great effect is when the HP LaserJet Firmware Team reduced their integration test time from 6 weeks down to 24 hours.

Reporting and Metrics

Get an overview of the current state of your test runs, historical failures, and drill down to error logs.

Agile To Devops

According to the State of Agile Report by VersionOne, 94% of software organizations are using Agile practices and 71% are investing in DevOps initiatives.


Of organizations that have seen success with Agile processes, 34% recommend using common tools across teams. Also of note, only 59% are using an automated build tool and 52% are using a continuous integration tool.


AltexSoft’s whitepaper "Continuous Delivery and Integration: Rapid Updates by Automating Quality Assurance" indicates that two of the main challenges to adopting CI/CD are the cost of automation and integration challenges between tools currently in use.

Increase quality, speed, and developer productivity

We free up developers from running tests locally, testers deploying environments manually, and stakeholders from aggregating quality reports from multiple sources.

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